Frequently Asked Questions


 1. What is the cost of the home study?  

The fee for the home study is $1300 with an application fee of $200 for a total of $1500. The application fee needs to be paid when you send in your application. The remaining fee can be paid all at once at the first visit or you can pay $650 at the first visit and $650 at the second visit.    

2. Are there any fees for travel? 

Mileage is charged per current IRS guidelines   

3. How soon can a caseworker begin my home study?   

The home study process can begin as soon as you are ready.  


4. How quickly can the home study be completed? Can it be expedited? 

The home study can be completed as quickly as you would like but usually takes a couple of weeks to complete. We work at your pace and can only complete it once we have all the documentation required. It can be expedited for a fee of $200.   

5. Are you willing to release my completed home study, criminal background checks and supporting documents to me? YES. We recommend that you keep a copy of all documents for your records and for applying with agencies or accepting a match and taking placement. The home study is yours to use with any agency that you wish to apply with. We will give you 3 original signed, notarized copies. Most agencies will accept a copy of the home study but may request an original once you match.   

6. For how long is the home study good?  The home study is good for one year from the date it was completed. Other documents such as medical evaluations, drug screens, and criminal background checks are also only good for a year from the date they are completed.      


7. What if I have a criminal history? In most cases this is not an issue unless it is recent and/or involves children. If you do have a previous arrest(s), we ask that you write an explanation and the steps you have taken to ensure that you would never be arrested for similar reasons again.   

8. What is ICPC? ICPC is the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children. They are the state agency that approves you to travel with your adopted child from placing state (State the child was born) to receiving state (your home state). You cannot leave the placing state until you have approval from both states. It is very important that you let your placing agency know that Georgia ICPC does require a copy of ALL of your documents. We can help guide you in this process as well and always have a copy of your documents should you be missing something.   

We know that you will have many more questions and we are happy to answer them all. Please feel free to contact us at any time.